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My 1st true story book of when I had Covid! Thank you so much for buying my Book. I am here to help. Here are some affiliates of mine that I want to share with you. Read thru them, click on them and buy or join what you like. You will gain health benefits and Resources as a gift from me to you in the back of my book. Right now My book goes for $10.99 only and it is in a eBook format only. I am currently working on getting it into print in the form of a Paperback Book. I will let you know when those are ready. There is a lot of good info in the fact that maybe your body was lacking certain nutrients keeping you healthy & Strong πŸ’ͺ The link to my Book is —————–

This is also a helpful website that I have found to be very helpful as far as Health wise. It’s called UpfulBlend. Everything is natural and so beneficial to your health. Before any purchase I strongly advise that you consult with your Doctor and Do your own research to see what herb is used for exactly what and its side effects if any. Here is my link and if used by you I can gain a small commission for it, so thanks in advance,

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