Hey, Hey, Hey!

So I published my first self published book on July, 23 2021. I was so excited to see one of my dreams come true. I had asked so many people how do you publish a book and nobody wanted to tell me. So I started my own Self Publishing Company and started with me. The Jazzi 1!

The name of my first book is titled, Me – Vs – Covid19!

Listen I had to tell my story because I felt I was really in a battle. This is my true story of how I believed I got it and what I did once it was confirmed that I had it. This is my link to my story where you actually can purchase it everywhere just about that books are sold. You can use my link to purchase.

I am currently finishing up my second book titled Letting Go Ain’t Easy! It is a Urban Romance Fiction and I believe that you will love it if you love drama, love, understanding and forgiveness.

Here is a pic of what my first book looks like and once you read it, please leave my a little review! Thanks!

The Jazzi 1!