Can I get an Amen somebody!ο’–Β  people are fighting to live
and yet some take it for granted when they open their eyes another day! go figure!

Good Morning Family. I have been working none stop on this new product line that I’ve been creating. I woke up watching the morning news and the stories of different traumas all over the world and some of the circumstances so many have to endure all over the world. Some actually fighting just to survive, just to live!

Injustices amongst my people still taking place as well, young people getting killed at an alarming rate. So to me! Everyday I even wake up, I have to say Thank You LordπŸ’– I pray for my family, friends, love ones, and all my Social Media, including you all! My viewers.

I am so appreciative and grateful to have you all here with me!

Thank you! I can’t imagine the horrible & scary things the Ukrainians are going through right now. But can you imagine being hung, whipped , beaten, shot at, just because you want better in life. Or just because your Black and someone is mad at you for that? Like All our young fallen men rappers, being killed or because your a kid and nobody will listen that a friend of the family is abusing you, or being a Women in a relationship and being threaten constantly by a man with his own demons and insecurities to deal with, Being bullied in school cause your cute or different. And on and on!

Learn to be humble, less ego and more love. Let the change start with you! Then pay the love forward. We really need you more than you thinkπŸ’–πŸ’―πŸ™πŸΏ

March 1st 2022!

Thanks Pexel & So Far From Home for the beautiful picπŸ’–