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The IRS just announced That Tax Season will start on January 24th and this year will end 3 days later on April 18th instead of the 15th.

Make sure you have your 2 forms to make it easier on you, Form 6419 and 6475.Β  They show how much stimulus you received.Β  On their site, has a CTC update Portal for you to also check justΒ  in case you can’t find your forms.Β Β  Those forms that was sent to you from The IRS will help your Tax Preparer to know easier if you all are entitled to another stimulus or not.

The IRS will offer free filing. Which will be available starting January 14th, 2022 for anyone that made $73,000 or less in 2021. They offer free tax filing but like last year! Put your patience hat on cause you will need it because of Covid like everywhere else there will be staff shortages.

Actually if your good with numbers this might be somewhere you can seek employment from.Β  Just a thought!

Well check back on my Blog from time to time and if I hear more news as time goes on I will keep you posted.

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