Showing You Ways to get your M-Bag!

Hey Everybody! What’s good? So you know as I find out ideals and different ways to make a little money off a side hustle I tell you. Times are a bit trying and to me, everybody that is able needs some kind of Hustle.

So the pics you see are of a product that I actually received in the mail. It is a Hand soap by Dial. This fragrance is called Ocean Splash. Y’all when I tell you! It smells so so so good!

So the name of the company is called

It is free to sign up. I took pictures of the product with the box it came in and by itself. What I had to do was give a review. Look an honest review. I answered a few easy questions, took some pics of the product, told about what I liked about it and that was it. You win points and I believe they can turn into purchases for the points. I am not that far yet. I just got started. I really wasn’t expecting anything so when the hand soap came in the mail it was a pleasant surprise and again it smelled so good. I love Dial anyway so the review was pretty easy for me. I also posted my pic to their Facebook group also called Shoppers Army.

This lets them know your interested and you want to participate. They send you emails with different kinds of surveys. This also helps you to earn points. So again its free, you can add this little side hustle to your things to do list.

have fun with it and look just do what you can. To be honest I don’t do all the surveys, just the ones I want. For me usually its the ones with the less time.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I might do one while I’m lying in bed or something.

Anyway that is my tip for the week. Don’t forget to join their group as well.

Now let me go find some more stuff for you!

The Jazzi 1!

Thank you Sora @ Pexels!