United States! Enough!

Listen Questions to our House of Representatives and Our Congress People!

I am really trying to understand something!Β  I have been working since the late 70’s.Β  I know so many hardworking Americans have worked maybe even longer! How in the world do you all get High Salaries, take vacations and not work for us? Do you not understand People have been put out their homes, student Loans are being charged at an all time high! Some families cannot hardly work or if they are they are finding it hard to function because they are worried about their kids at home by themselves, Home Schooled! And yet you all got the Audacity to have one of the highest offices in the nation and don’t know how to Compromise? Democrats & Republicans get your ish together! PERIOT! The People that you promised to serve are in a all time crisis and yet you argue and deny us money that is from our own tax Dollars. Yet again you denied Americans another Tax Stimulus while you argue. I watched The World News last Sunday on ABC. One of their stories was how in Harris County in Houston Texas, The Sheriffs had to serve eviction notices to people that had no where to go. One lady was like 93. He didn’t have the heart to put her out that day but said he would be back. Try and find somewhere to go.

We need some hope from you!

Other Countries are taking care of their people with no issues, no complaints, with No broken Promises! Kids removed from their Parents, some even died living in deplorable conditions, Black People Still dying from the hands of some lawmakers who still do not get it! While others are afraid to speak up. The bad outweighs the good Cops! We have had enough!

Listen White House! Do right by All the People of the United States! That’s what we voted for, for people that had Campaigned and promised to do right by us! We are not asking for nothing but Human Rights that is supposed to be free to us all.

Thank you to the Congress People that are trying! Thank you to all the good People that provide Food, homes, Social Services as best they can! We are grateful and Appreciative!

But Enough is Enough! Support us like we’ve supported you by voting you in!

California Fires!

It took one 1 person to destroy a forest, homes as well as people in a careless act in California.

Please! Don’t destroy us over your arguing! We need The The Whole White House to get it together. Everyone might not need y’all! But the Majority of us Do!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


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