Sometimes we second guess ourselves! Trust yourself! Gain your confidence! Then keep it moving!


So this is where Ive been going. I am soon to graduate from Media and Broadcasting school. I understand to be in the media is to be in the public. Growing up old skool your taught less is best. Cover up, dont show your body. And honestly I am not really showing alot. I am doing this for me! At the end of the day, I have to love me. Some people dont get me cause Im my own person. I beat to my own drum and my goal is to teach others to love themselves. It burdens me with all the killings and people committing suicide because they feel no one loves them. They think no one cares, family is not what it used to be, friends are usually turn coat. I had a so called best friend that thought she was that girl that she befriended me to become best friends with one of my Daughters to keep it so called young. I had to let my daughter learn. She did! But Bey made a song called me, myself & I ! My jam! At the End of the day thats who I got and my best friend has truly been God for me. I do have good family, I love those 6 babies that put this fat on me at childbirth😁😁😁😁! I love all 7 of my Grandbabies! Yes! Black dont crack baby! I believe before you can love someone else! You have got to learn to love you! We On 1 means just that! We in this together. I am somewhat a loner! I will be posting my Journey and how Ive survived loneliness! Losing a love! Bouncing back after losing so called friends! I find changing my attitude and the way I began to look at life began to change me for the better! Smile no matter what, thru everything. Ask God for direction in all things, follow your first mind when in doubt! Know that you are always worth it! Know that!πŸ™‹πŸ’―β€πŸ˜‡