I was on the bottom! Now I”m here!

Continued from my Facebook Page; Janet Davis

So my so called friend kinda looks at me and says” I really didn’t say that but if that’s what you want to say! I said so who would be better to speak to some Black, Educated Women who have formed an Alliance to help other sista”s out then me?

I said in Detroit I marched with the finest! Hands up! Guns down! Is what we said as we Marched! We looked for missing Children everywhere & wasnt afraid! We looked for rapist a d they got caught and was arrested! I went and got my own Talk show! What women on the panel has done that! She said I dont know girl! Hey its not my organization! I said I understand! And you wont even speak up for me on my Behalf because I havent finished College! I was on the Roster and enrolled at Community College last yr! 2017 And Got hit by a car last yr which caused me to drop out! I was on a cane When I met her @ my Doctors office!

People looked down on me! Even people I called family where I used to live. I havent done anything to no one but mind my business and love on People! When I got my show me and my Co-host who I am so proud of would interview anyone that doing something positive to encourage others to do better. I’d come to work and some of my so called girls would stop speaking to me. It hurt but I would hold my head up and press on.

So to make a long story short unfortunately We had to part ways! I understand those were not her rules or her organization that she was part of! But when I said so in other words so you saying I’m not good enough?

My so called friend never said “No I’m not saying that and you are enough!

That was never said! Can you imagine how I felt! I tell you! You got to love Haters! They give you tough skin!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚They lite a lil fire under my behind and make you do more than what you were doing! They make you beileve harder. & be a lil more determined to work harder, smarter! Then all of a sudden thru much prayer, and tears at night! You start getting awards, your kids love you harder and more proud of you! New friends begin to come into your life who you can laugh with! Who accept you for being you! You start cooking for a whole school! You work on your book getting published, you work on trying to come out with a clothing line! I dont know nothing about how! As long as God Give me ideals! Long as I knock! Doors are opening!, as I seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding I am truly finding it! And as I constantly ask for help! The answers are coming to me! I was the underdog! But not no more! My msg to you! If I can do it and overcome! You can to. In the comments below! Comment on something that you have always wanted to do! Look at it! Pray about it! Then do it! Come back in a month and comment on where your at! I dare you! Now the challenge is on you!:)

Thank you for comming to my Blog! I hope you like it! I did it my self! Still a work in progress:) Welcome to my World!