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Monique explains why she felt that her and Amy Shuler should have been paid the same.Β  Listen to her story.Β  Oprah feels that she is very negative.Β  Oprah feels she needs to rise above this, but Monique got molested by her Brother Gerald.Β  Oprah then turns around and wants her to discuss it.Β  Β I feel because a person doesn’t deal with adversity like maybe you handle it doesn’t’ make her negative.

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Stevie J & Faith Evans Marriage!

Wendy WilliamsΒ Β 

So what do you think about this?Β  Stevie J is something else.Β  All Those women on love and Hip Hop.Β  A Person is entitled to love who they want true enough, But sometimes to me when you add reality to your business it’s just too much.Β  I pray for them that its real, & I am rooting for them that life is good to them.