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I soundly and truly believe in thought change!

You change your thoughts, you change your life. A millionaires mindset got him or her where there at. Have you ever talked to someone and no matter what you say, they have a neg response, a reason why they can’t, always got an excuse? They have a negative, defeated mindset. Thats comfort for them, yet irritating for you.

Those same people Ive heard them say, nobody calls me, Nobody comes and visits me, Why? The negative mindset that that they have set fir themselves us truly unbearable. Nobody wants to be around that. Ive known this man for about 3 years now. He has showed me what I do want & what I don’t want in a relationship. If a man is doing stuff that irritates me right, I want to talk about it! If he shuts me down and dont allow me to communicate my feelings eventually that will lead to an argument because those unresolved feelings are boiling now. If the pot is not shut off, baby ut will run or spill over.

They dont want to hear it, why? Because they already know their wrong an dont want to be confronted in their wrong because they have every intention on continuing doing wrong. Does this make it better? Hecky no!

Its so many ways of dealing with this scenario! It depends on your mindset!

Tell us how you would handle this situation!