Out of your hands!

Sometimes we go thru things that is totally out of control. You know how Tide cleans your clothes or How gain can put that freshness to them. Well thats what prayer can do to your situations. You just have to believe that when you put your prayers out there, that it will and can turn your situation around.

Sometimes you have someone in your life that is so dear to your heart right?

You look up and they leave you. Maybe back to their parents after you’ve raised them all their little lives. Pain! Or you thought you were gonna be together forever and they walk away! Pain or someone you loved with all your heart passes away. Pain! You couldn’t stop none of these situations. You cry, you hurt, your heart feels pain. Once the smoke clears, I believe that God will open new doors , that have been shut by life. Out of your control. I believe to ever action! There’s a reaction. Learn to smile at a butterfly, learn to be alone, its ok! Learn to be still so you can hear from God! He promised to lead and guide you in everyway. Evenwhen we dont understand the process, know that there is one. Know that God will see you thru. Speaking from my own pain, it never last forever but just for a little while:)