Me, The Jazzi 1 @ Media School Practicing.


God has a way!

There was a time when I was 17 yrs old and I was pregnant with my 1st. My son. I was hungry. I stayed with my Aunt. Food was hard to come by. I had a friend from church, she had her own family and yet she always made food available for me. No complaints, just love.

So for years I’ve been feeding families, with my own food and its been a pleasure and a blessing to me. Heres my famous Pizza spaghetti! Since I can’t tell you how I made it, I’ll talk to ya later!:)

We On 1







When I was in Detroit, where I was born and raised. I had my own tv show. I was at station WHPR TV33 Live, located in Highland Park, Mi. I had one of my best friends as my CO-Host name Kim! I would go out in the community and we interview anyone that was doing something positive and to inspire others to do good or better. Black on Black crime is so real. I just wanted us to do better!:)